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k. TY.

In a world of chaos, it’s nice to feel appreciated. Out of the four response lines above, which one came off the most sincere? Make a mental note.

The Power of Thank You

Usually a “thank you” occurs right after someone has helped another person out like opening a door, completing some type of task, purchasing a product, or engaging with some type of quiz, survey, or form.

Applying the TYX in Digital

One of the hardest areas to really apply the TYX is in digital. From text messaging, to Slacking, Facebook Messaging, SnapChatting, talking to Alexa, or emailing, sometimes the only way to say “thank you” are through those applications which we all know is not easy especially since there are limited ways one can measure the level of authenticity and/or thoughtfulness.

The Simplified TYX Approach:

Step 1. Identify if your experience is digital or physical or both.

Sal Bolaños is a Creative & Design Director who specializes in Experience Design and Strategy. He currently is the Head of Design at TransUnion.

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