What Product Leaders Can Take Away from this Four-Year Trump Product Experiment

As marketers, we tend to get overly excited about how a creative idea can be brought to life and released into the market place — and who can blame you? Everyone should be thrilled to get the word out and make a big splash, especially if it’s a brand you truly care about. But the one area that we can all improve on is how the full customer experience connects from all ends of the spectrum — in-store, web, apps, social media and beyond. Say goodbye to the days when marketers made PowerPoint slides with a list of supporting tactics for the big activation idea without truly understanding how they all work together, connect, and create a successful customer experience (CX).

Introducing CX “Marketing” Maps (A Different Map Made for Marketers)

In case you need a refresher, here is a quick breakdown of those three sectors:

Sal Bolaños

Sal Bolaños is a Creative & Design Director who specializes in Experience Design and Strategy. He currently is the Head of Design at TransUnion.

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