What Product Leaders Can Take Away from this Four-Year Trump Product Experiment

Disclaimer: This post is not about picking on Trump or getting political. It’s about reflecting on what we can learn as product leaders especially in the wake of the recent chaotic events that unfolded in our nation capitol.

Whether you voted for Donald Trump or not, it’s safe to say that we are all now witnesses of what happens when there is a lack of leadership, empathy for people and no strategic vision.

While at times we laughed off his inability to take criticism and not own up to his actions — not to mention his tweets or his absorbed…

In 2020, we were all thrown a major curveball when COVID-19 hit our world and caused hardship for many companies and workers. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for folks who have lost their jobs, businesses, loved ones and anyone who is hurting during these difficult times. For those who know me, you know my empathy level is through the roof. …

This is my first short blog post on random project memories as a young and energetic designer.

Product: [Do Ur DeadFace] an iOS Social Media Application (2010–2011)
Role: Co-founder (Ben Popp Partner)& iOS UX and UI Designer

Highlights from our first press release:

“Our favorite part in movies has always been watching the “dead face occur. I mean we’ve all seen every kind of dead face in the movies even if we don’t acknowledge them but they happen…a lot. Any ways, we felt it was too funny of a concept to leave behind. So, we created a place where you…

As marketers, we tend to get overly excited about how a creative idea can be brought to life and released into the market place — and who can blame you? Everyone should be thrilled to get the word out and make a big splash, especially if it’s a brand you truly care about. But the one area that we can all improve on is how the full customer experience connects from all ends of the spectrum — in-store, web, apps, social media and beyond. Say goodbye to the days when marketers made PowerPoint slides with a list of supporting tactics for the big activation idea without truly understanding how they all work together, connect, and create a successful customer experience (CX).

Introducing CX “Marketing” Maps (A Different Map Made for Marketers)

Knowing that Customer Experience (CX) Maps already exist for website and app builds, the CX “Marketing” Map plays a different role in the activation world and are defined as a strategic process for connecting tactics from discovery to conversion. This map allows marketers, designers, strategists, clients, and other stakeholders to understand how a customer will journey across their program based on the retailer or brand ecosystem.

For those in marketing or with a familiarity to how traditional CX Maps work, you will understand that key phases like pre-shop, shop, and post-shop are usually the typical sectors of the CX journey.

In case you need a refresher, here is a quick breakdown of those three sectors:

Words by: Lauren Blass, Snr Director of Digital Strategy and Planning and Sal Bolaños, Creative Director, Mirum.

Recently, Walmart.com slowly began rolling out its new user-centric redesign. With the site’s contemporary look and feel, Walmart is focused on appealing to a broader base, as well as providing its customers with a tailored experience based on their previous purchase history and what’s trending in their area.

Walmart.com 2.0 prioritizes both form and function. Aesthetically, the site has a much cleaner look with a focus on relatable photography and products that are featured in a contextual setting. According to Mark Lore, President…

Sal Bolaños

Sal Bolaños is a Creative & Design Director who specializes in Experience Design and Strategy. He currently is the Head of Design at TransUnion.

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